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What Does The Best Compost Bin Look Like?

There are a lot of different ways to create a compost bin, but many claim there is a best compost bin for good reason. This is not so much a specific type or brand (or home made version) of compost bins, but rather a footprint of what the best should be, what it should contain, and how it should be engineered.

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For starters, you need to make sure that your compost bin contains at least 27 cubic feet of material (3x3x3x). This is the smallest size you can effectively use that will generate the appropriate levels of heat, which is a main ingredient in the "mix". You need to ensure that rodents can't penetrate the boundaries and get in there. They will take your compost and eat it, leaving you with less profit on your investment compost-wise.

It must be easy to add ingredients into, so if you have several different sizes of bio-matter, you should account for that in creating the door. You should put the compost into a container that is closed off completely, other than some air holes (we're dealing with living organisms here and the heat must vent off as well a bit). The only exception is the door, so you can put more waste in it. Make sure the door has a latch or a way to secure it tightly. Small animals like cats will try to pry open the door to get to the food inside. Make sure it's tamper proof.

Your container shouldn't be flat or hard to turn. Cylindrical is best because you will need to mix up the ingredients in much the same fashion people cook a pig or lamb over an open flame. You will be turning the compost bin and shaking things up inside. Think of it as providing travel for the organisms so they can more readily, quickly, and efficiently continue to get fresh food to consume and process into useful soil food.

Optimally, to continue with the "green" theme, a container made of renewable or recycled material is best. Avoid using pressure treated lumber. The reason is this material contains toxic chemicals used to treat the wood that will kill your compost organisms and further this could contaminate anything you use the compost in!

Air circulation is required. There are a lot of processes going on inside the composter and you will need to allow the smells to vent out to avoid suffocating the microbes and other detriments to the organisms.

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How to Use Chicken Manure in Your Garden For Fertilizer

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Growing up in Central Florida, I was fortunate to have good year-round growing conditions. My grandparents were avid gardeners, and I remember the big jar painted white sitting on the counter to collect food for the compost pile. Once it was filled, my granddad would take it out to the compost bin and turn in, creating a rich soil.

Kitchen Composting Bins For Small Gardening Enthusiasts

By Nicole Roberts
While not everyone has the luxury of owning properties with lots of yard space to grow a garden or have a compost pile, more and more people are finding that they can have miniature flower and even vegetable gardens even when they have little or no yard at all. Flowerbeds, window boxes and container gardening have all become popular ways for even urban dwellers to enjoy gardening. However, most have not been able to reap the benefits that compost can add to these endeavors. However, kitchen composting bins can change all that even for people who don't have the out of door space to have a big compost pile.

Gardening Tips - Reasons Why You Should Compost

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There are so many advantages over the disadvantages to do composting. With the proliferation of garbage all over the city streets, pathways and land fills, it's just proper to apply the necessary remedies to control air borne diseases and increasing number of infectious diseases and other body malfunctions due to air pollution caused by improper waste disposal. And the number one solution to these enormous health problems is through composting.

Composting is Good For Everyone

By Mark Perlik
Having compost on hand is extremely beneficial for your herb garden, and for any garden. Adding compost to your garden soil will enrich your soil, providing your plants with the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. Composting at home is good for the environment because when kitchen scraps end up in landfills, they give off methane gas which is bad for the environment.

Best Compost Bin   How To Build A Composter   Compost Bins Homemade   Mushroom Compost Suppliers   Build Your Own Composting Toilet   Make Compost Tumbler   How To Composting   Composting Bins Reviews   Compost Supplier   Metal Compost Bin   What Is Bokashi